A child of 3 or 4 is considered a preschooler. So whether or not your child is attending a formal preschool program, he is no longer a toddler. Preschoolers are different from toddlers in that they are developing the basic life skills, independence, and knowledge that they will need as they enter their school years.

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Preschoolers in general

These stickers are very different from Baby stickers. We call this Level 2 or Parents with dedication. You can continue do it your way, or you can have stickers to help you. This is up to you. But we suggest you take easier route since there are many challenges later on and you are going to need you energy elsewhere.

Preschoolers are emerging from toddlerhood to a new world of exploration and formal learning. Most have started or will start preschool or prekindergarten and complete this period of development by entering formal school in either kindergarten or first grade. Because kindergarten has become more academic and often mirrors what used to be first grade, children usually start kindergarten around the age of six.

Preschoolers are open to learning numbers, letters, beginning reading, and simple math. This is also a critical period for learning music. They are improving their gross motor and fine motor skills, which gets them interested in art, crafts, and all kinds of ride-on toys (wagons, scooters, bikes, etc.). They are also developing early sports skills, which often leads to participation in organized sports by the end of this developmental period.

The most important mode of learning during this period is playing. Make believe play of all kinds is attractive and fosters the development of language, socialization, and creativity. Interest in exploring their environment promotes early interest in science. They also like to build things out of items around the house as well as building sets such as Legos, Kinex, blocks, and others.

Stickers & Different habits to help you

These are main habits you should help your preschooler to develop 

  • Politeness
  • Friendliness
  • Kindness
  • Independence
  • ‍Persistence
  • ‍Sensitivity
  • ‍Organisation
  • ‍Lifestyle
  • ‍Respect
  • ‍Honesty

These are the core ones that will matter in the long run.

Stickers will help you

This helps a lot and in many cases this is the only thing that can trigger your certain actions. Preschoolers require certain degree of your dedication to it. You can do it. And Habit stickers will help you do it many times and with less effort.